A holistic clinic in Cambridgeshire

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The Form Practice, a truly holistic clinic

Located in the peaceful Cambridgeshire village of Hardwick, we at The Form Practice pride ourselves not only on the expertise of our team but on our green, ethical approach. We take a holistic approach in all our therapies and in the products we use and sell.  

Our belief is that the mind-body-soul connection should run through everything we do, so we strive to use organic, ethically-sourced and vegan products wherever possible. We recognise that health and wellness is supported by the choices we make when it comes to what we eat, what we put on our skin, and the products we use every day.  

A healing oasis 

From the moment you park your car here at our Cambridgeshire clinic, you’ll experience the relaxing environment we create. We take care of every detail so that when you leave after your session, you feel truly cared-for.  

Our beautiful barn conversion offers a light, warm, airy space for your session. Set in nature, the surroundings gently support your healing journey from start to finish.   

Environmentally-friendly products 

We only use recycled paper, to minimise landfill and resource use.   

Our pure drinking water is filtered by a Big Berkey system. These are rated the best and longest lasting water filter systems on the market, removing 99,999% of Chlorine, Viruses, Harmful pathogenic Bacteria, Cysts, Heavy Metals, parasites and hazardous chemical contaminants and other impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals your body needs  

DoTerra oils 

Essential oils offer gentle, plant-based support for all kinds of conditions. We use and sell doTerra oils because of their purity and potency. Each oil is steam distilled from plants harvested at the optimum moment.    

Solrox therapy 

We use and sell Solrox Spa therapy lamps. Handmade from the finest crystalline sea salt.  

SolRox products help to remove airborne pathogens and pollutants, and assisting in the treatment of respiratory issues. 

Tropic skincare 

Our co-founder Claire recommends Tropic skincare products highly. Her view is that she wouldn’t put anything on her skin that she couldn’t eat, given the skin’s capacity to absorb products quickly, and its function as an eliminative organ. Tropic products are sustainably sourced, and freshly made using the most nourishing natural ingredients.  They are independently ethically accredited, cruelty-free and carbon negative.  

We are proud to sell Tropic products in our shop here at our clinic.  

Come experience the relaxing environment of our Cambridgeshire clinic for yourself. Book an appointment with one of our team.