Annemette Jepson


Annemette is a qualified and Chartered Physiotherapist with focus on musculoskeletal issues and alignment. She believes that any form of pain or restricted movement/compensation patterns can be the result of an old injury, hours of sitting behind a desk or the wheel of a car, repetitive use injuries from exercise or work, or simply a postural dysfunction such as scoliosis. All of these can affect your body, causing pain, sleeping troubles, and limitations. It is important to eliminate any dysfunction and restore the body’s balance to avoid restricted and painful joints, muscles or movement.

“I’m always looking for ways to be of service. I have always used my physiotherapy practice and skills to guide people towards better well-being, physical and emotional, on a daily basis. My love of projects and interests in many aspects of health has led me to discover many things and seek interest in many areas such as Mizan therapy, I have a personal interest in psychology and currently I am finishing courses in hijama, Nordic Walking, the Egoscue alignment method and I am studying nutrition.

I am also running projects for many organisations where I am delivering courses and as well as providing support within a multidisciplinary team online for an organisation supporting pregnant and postnatal women since the pandemic started.

From a physiotherapy perspective, my training has been focused on various hands-on techniques along with a deep understanding of posture and biomechanical analysis as well as adding on nutrition. I love solving problems and evaluating my clients’ conditions and determining the true source of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. My way of working is holistically, where I look at each client as a whole person rather than just looking at the physical body part causing pain.

It is always rewarding to see people get better, I am always amazed at how well the body can heal when the right pieces of the puzzle are addressed.”

Annemette aims to provide specific treatment programs and tailored rehabilitation plans to help support and guide you in your journey to help with your individual needs.  Annemette is qualified in Mizan therapy and also offers the Mummy MOT.  Read more about these under What We Offer on our website.