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Meet the Team

Claire Forrester M.Ost, PGDWHO, FMIH

Osteopathy & Hypopressive instructor


Claire is the founder and principle Osteopath at The Form Practice. She is passionate about achieving good health naturally and empowering others to do the same. After developing severe repetitive strain injury in her arm, she sought osteopathic treatment to help. She saw such a remarkable improvement that she decided to embark on the 5 year’s training to become an osteopath herself.


Claire completed her Masters in Osteopathy in 2012 and went on to study a 2 year Women’s Health Diploma and has a specialist interest in working in the field of gynaecology, fertility and pregnancy. Previously London based, Claire has worked in various clinics including The Birth Company in Harley Street for one of the world leaders in Women’s Health and Osteopathy Professor Renzo Molinari, before moving to India to work in a hospital and then recently settled in Cambridge. 


Her interest in Women’s Health naturally lead Claire to become a trainer in Hypopressives after learning about the results these exercises can have on strengthening the deep core muscles and the pelvic floor, naturally helping to ease suffering experienced unnecessarily by postnatal women.

Louise Joslin

Hypnotherapy, NLP


Prior to her therapy work, Louise had a successful IT management career. It wasn’t until she experienced NLP & Hypnosis for herself that she realised that what she really wanted in life was to help and make a difference to people. Within 4 years she had qualified as a Hypnotherapist and a Master NLP Practitioner (with Richard Bandler). Since finding hypnotherapy, she has never looked back.


Louise offers a free face-to-face consultation because she would never have believed the profound effect that simple Hypnosis and NLP techniques can have on someone’s life until she experienced them herself.

Patricia Forrester

NES Health


Pat Forrester has been interested in natural health for many years. She started her journey as a holistic healer, working with the energetic field of the body, a fascinating picture of auras and human body fields ensued. She studied and became a holistic masseuse and was then introduced to Tapping which is a method of working on the meridians of the body. It can be a huge help in shifting emotional blocks and is particularly useful for helping children.


After working with meridians she became interested in how they work and this led her to find NES Health. It is a wonderful body of knowledge, transferred into a computer, giving a snapshot in time of the body and what is happening energetically. To read more about the NES system click here.


As nutrition has always played a very important role in her work, she has found a well rounded nutritional supplement, a seed based product that was developed by an oncologist to treat children with Leukaemia which aims to rebuild and repair the damage caused by Chemo and radiation therapy. She also now has a seed based detox supplement which also supports the Liver and Kidneys.


Recently CBD has been reintroduced into our awareness after a gap of nearly 100 years. Pat has recently added a CBD to her recommended range of products. It is THC free and is peppermint flavoured, she knows the product from plant to bottle and can recommend it with full confidence.

Viktoria Racz

Personal Trainer


As a personal trainer with a degree in Physical Education, Viktoria is also qualified as a fitness instructor and basketball coach.


From a very young age, sports have always been an important part of her life, having competed in gymnastics, athletics, basketball and handball, to be out of breath, the “delicious pain”, the sweat, the winning, the respect and socialising are what makes sports so essential.


She has the ability to truly connect and empathise with her clients due to her own extensive experience, having worked harder than everyone else to achieve the same results and having made mistakes from an experimental mindset has got her where she is today. Having ignored injuries, made all the classic dieting mistakes, stuck to a diet only to then binge, worked out hard and slacked off because of a burn out… this is what make her so accomplished today and how she knows what works and what to strongly avoid.


She strongly believes living healthy is about finding a balance and creating sustainable healthy choices. It is about having a variety of experiences combined with life long learning. Her knowledge comes from her real world experience, which is carefully applied and tailored to the variety of individuals she closely works with.

Jon Malins

Pilates Reformer, equipment and mat instructor


Jon, graduated with a BSc in Physics in 1974 and has worked as an Engineer ever since. He retired from Engineering in 2018 and is now focusing on helping others through movement therapy. From his Physics background grew a desire to better understand bio-mechanics.

He was introduced to Pilates when searching for a way to continue Kayaking and Olympic Style Weightlifting after an old motorcycling injury was aggravating his shoulders causing continual pain and immobility. He was amazed and fascinated as to how the body could be healed by paying attention to it.


He started his Pilates teacher training in 2016 and graduated from Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio program in April 2018.Jon’s view is that we are born with a complex and magnificent “soft” machine, our body, but we don’t come with an instruction manual. Fortunately Pilates and other movement practices such as Yoga, Feldenkrais, Franklin etc can help fill that void.

His passion now is helping people to get the best they can from their body, move without pain or become as athletic as they want. This is accomplished by looking at the whole body and not just the injury or the pain.

You can find more about Jon from his website at Jon is available for 1-1’s and 1-2’s on Monday all day and Wednesday afternoons.

Melanie Thompson

Pilates mat instructor


After starting out as a graphic designer, Mel moved into illustrated book production and has been working in Publishing for over 25 years.
An avid runner and yoga enthusiast, she has been practising Pilates for over 20 years, finding it beneficial as a counterbalance to the rigours of running and to maintain a healthy back after spending much of the day desk-bound and commuting.
Her love of Pilates has led her to qualify as an instructor with the Future Fit School of Pilates, spreading the word about it’s benefits to both mind and body.
She has a special interest in helping those with orthopaedic conditions as well as pre and postnatal ladies.
After living in London all her life, until five years ago, she now lives and teaches locally and has also now embarked on a yoga teacher training course with Camyoga

Holly Hopkins



Holly will be leading our meditation classes which will be held once a month, normally the last Thursday evening commencing at 730pm.

As the pace of life grows ever faster many people are turning to meditation to find calm, to manage stress and become happier.  Our meditation evenings  will introduce you to the basic techniques of Buddhist meditation.  It is an opportunity to learn from scratch or refresh what you already know, including tips on how to build a regular home practice.  We will be sitting on chairs so wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and after the meditations there will be a chance to have a cuppa and a chat.

Please note that the class is just about learning to meditate and you do not need to have any interest in Buddhism.