Janet van Dam

Medical Thermography

Janet Van Dam medical thermography non invasive breast screening at The Form Practice in Hardwick near CambridgeMedical Thermography offers women a valuable first- line breast health screening to identify early changes in the breasts, which can warn us of the development of breast disease, like an unusual circulation, inflammation or hormonal activity.

Janet van Dam wants to make a difference to women´s health, after personally experiencing the loss of her mother to breast cancer, by offering Medical Thermography in combination with Low Carb nutritional coaching. Because the right nutrition is essential for health, especially hormone health.

Thermography is useful for women of all ages, who seek a non-invasive and non-radiation alternative to regular breast screening or as an additional option to other screening tests. Thermography is a simple test of physiology, showing us how the body is functioning and can help predict the risk of having breast cancer in the future. It also can identify fibrocystic activity, which is a precursor for breast disease.

Besides breast health checks Janet also offers Half and Full Body Screenings, which can help your health care practitioner make a better diagnosis.