Men’s Health

In today’s world, with all its pressures and speed, men juggle the responsibilities of work alongside busy social lives and family relationships.

With jobs that can either mean long hours sitting at a desk, or else physical work that requires strength and endurance, men need tailored support and advice on how best to stay well, fit and full of energy.

Men’s bodies produce lower levels of the hormones that keep their muscles and connective tissue flexible and working smoothly. Tension can build up, making them more prone to injury.

In a culture where seeking support and help for stress and tension can feel hard, men often neglect their needs until pain starts to limit their ability to work, or play sport, or take part in family life with all its demands.

Conditions our osteopaths commonly treat in men include coccyx pain, pudendal neuralgia and diastasis recti. As osteopathy is a holistic therapy, each practitioner will assess your needs against the background of your lifestyle, work and stress levels. A treatment plan will be created, alongside tailored advice on exercise and nutrition.