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k laser for back pain

The power of Laser Therapy to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain has been demonstrated by thousands of published studies. Over one hundred of these rigorously controlled studies document the effectiveness of this therapy for many conditions.

Here at The Form Practice, our lead osteopath Claire Forrester has found that using K Laser to support her osteopathy treatment speeds healing for her patients. Physiotherapist Annemette Jepson has also found reliably good results in support of her rehabilitation programmes. Indeed, in multiple studies, therapeutic lasers have been shown to promote musculoskeletal tissue healing.[1]

In this blog post we’ll explore how laser therapy was highly effective at reducing back and leg pain of one woman who went from walking with assistance to a return to outdoor activities.

Is Laser Therapy safe?

During over twenty years of use by healthcare providers all over the world, very few side effects have ever been reported. As the healing response intensifies after treatment, there may be occasional aggravation of old injuries or pain, but this is temporary.

Laser Therapy for back pain

This paper documents the substantial pain relief experienced by a 77-year old patient, with lumbar stenosis. This is a condition where the spinal canal is narrowed, causing a compression of the nerves traveling through the lower back into the legs.

Following hip and knee replacement surgery, she was experiencing a lot of pain in her back and hips.  She was unable to stand without assistance. At the time of her initial examination, she reported constant pain levels from 3 to 10 out of 10 (worst possible pain), with sharp pain in the lower back, buttocks, and hips.

Eleven treatments in a 9-week period resolved the pain on her left side and reduced the pain on the right side by 50%.  And this was a lasting benefit; a 2-month follow-up revealing continuing left-side benefits and 75% improvement on the right. Improvements were noted in walking and in her ability to sit for longer periods of time.  The patient could stand at the sink to prepare meals and was able to return to more outdoor activities, establishing sustained benefits of care.

K-Laser therapy at our Cambridgeshire clinic

Claire Forrester, one of our osteopaths, is fully trained and qualified to use K-Laser. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology means that she can accurately assess and diagnose the problem, then treat all specific pathways required. This will ensure you are receiving the most appropriate treatment for the best outcome possible.

Annemette Jepson, our physiotherapist, is also fully trained and qualified to use K-Laser.

[1] Hode L, Turner J. The Laser Therapy Handbook. Prima Books AB, Grangesburg, Sweden, 2007: pp. 117-202.8.